Sales conditions

• Identification
Company name   DECELECT
Legal status and capital   SAS au capital de 2.000.385€
Manager last name   BONDUELLE
Manager first name   Philippe
Head office   1, rue des Fondeurs
Zip code   02200
City   Soissons
Country   France
Offices / sales premises   02200 Soissons France
Phone   03 23 74 00 88
Fax   03 23 74 00 89
Web site
Opening hours   9h00- 17h00
Intracommunity VAT No.   FR 65 493 430 417
Siret No.   493 430 417 00029
APE/NAF code   APE2630Z
Hébergeur du site   Doyousoft
17 Place Pierre Sémard
34500 Béziers
Directeur de publication   Philippe BONDUELLE

1. General

In general terms and conditions below, Decelect company is mentioned as the ''SUPPLIER''. The ''CUSTOMER'' is designated as the person or entity who orders from
Decelect. The customer may purchase his orders by mail, fax, e-mail, or phone (In those two past cases, you must indicate your order number and confirm by mail).

Unless otherwise agreed from us, our proposals including our rates and catalogs are purely indicative and cannot be construed as any commitment on our part, whatever from it takes. Only our express confirmation by mail in accordance with above will be worth undertaking on our part.
Offers only are valid within the three months option period, unless otherwise stated.

2. Orders 

Characteristics of the materials sold will be those contained in the specifications of the supplier when the order notification, in all cases where no particular specification is requested by the customer and accepted by the supplier.
The minimum billing delivery was set at 300€ to reflect the administrative costs of an order.
Supplier reserves the right to modify those minima without notice.

3. Order cancellation

An order cannot be cancelled in whole or part without the writing consent of the supplier.
In the case of a cancellation in a pending order of execution, all goods whose manufacturing has begun will be delivered and invoiced.
In the case of special orders, which ones
Decelect had to obtain raw materials or other specials products for the execution of the said order; the cost of these supplies is billed by deducting the value of reuse.

4. Prices

Our prices are net, excluding fees, packaged in a standard packaging. They can be revised without noticed from Decelect and quickly communicated to the customer.
Shipping costs : Freight deliveries >300€
                          Incoterms : Freight on Board

5. Packaging

Our goods are delivered by units or in box full of the same item according to the packaging shown on rates. They may differ more or less compared to the quantities by the customer.

6. Recoveries

Recoveries can be made only in exceptional circumstances, after written consent, for goods in new condition and in original packaging, delivered less than 15 days returned carriage and packing indicating the numbers and date of delivery and accompanied by an order of compensation equivalent to the amount of the initial order, the recoveries accepted will be credited after deduction of 30%.

7. Terms of payment

Payment of items occurs at 30 days by letter of credit (L/C) under the conditions agreed at the order and carried on the invoice.
In the case of a first deal, payment is in cash and will be accompanied by documents required for opening a new customer account.

In the case of a deferred payment, the availability of the products is the source of the billing. The limit cited above refers to that date.
The deadlines are strict and complaints on price or quality of the goods do not relieve the supplier to pay the invoice at maturity agreed.

The non-payment of an invoice or no return within fifteen days of a product sent for acceptance allows the supplier to suspend any delivery whatever the conditions of the order until perfect regulation. Interests' rates will be 9% per year without prior notice. Furthermore, 24 hours after the prior notice by registered letter followed by a non-payment, selling products non-paid will be resolved automatically; products immediately returning ownership of the supplier who relies on this provision.

8. Liabilities

The buyer is the only judge of the suitability of the goods to fulfill the purpose for which he uses and conditions of use, and the supplier is relieved in all cases of any interest and any responsibility in this regard from the moment when the goods delivered correspond to the designation was made on the proposal and accused the order receipt.

In case of dispute about the quality of goods and regardless of the alleged defect, the warranty is expressly limited to simply replacing the goods found defective by both parties without incurring any kind of responsibility, particularly on transport costs, processing costs, etc...

In no event shall supplier be held responsible for direct or indirect consequences on both the people on the property, failure of product sold by him.

9. Title retention clause

The supplier retains ownership of the materials sold until payment of the price, any costs and interest included.
This clause is in compliance with the French law n°8598 from January 25th 1985, article 121 and the law n°80335 from May 12th 1980.

In case of non-payment, the return of goods can result from a formal recommended and inventory be contradictory, or a summons to the bailiff. Supplier cannot shirk.

In the case of a partial non-payment, the company Decelect keeps as compensation payment, besides the return of equipment.

10. Penalty clause

If any non-performance of its obligations by the supplier and after a warning remained unsuccessful either by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by a bailiff, the seller raises the amount owed, and that, as damages, a sum equal to 15% (fifteen percent) of the selling price excluding taxes.

11. Jurisdiction

In cases of dispute, the Tribunal de Commerce de Soissons has exclusive jurisdiction regardless of the conditions of sale, place of delivery modes and place of payment, even if it is performed by resident addresses and even in case of call guarenteed or multiple defendants.
The rights and obligations are governed solely by French law.


12. Acceptance of our general sales conditions

The fact that we place an order implies -ipso facto- the acceptance of our terms of sale. Any contrary clause that may exist is void and cannot be held against us that if specifically agreed in writing by us in a contract signed regularly.

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